Our Programme

At Carina Kindy we are proud of our reputation as a quality early childhood centre where children are nurtured in a loving and caring atmosphere. All families are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education and participate in the management of the centre. This ensures cohesion and friendly cooperation across and between our children, our staff and our wider community. Our role is to ensure that each child cultivates a lifelong love of learning, is reaching their potential and that when they leave our service they are prepared for school and later life.

The target age for C&K’s Kindy programme are children who turn four years old by June 30 in the year they attend. (i.e. children in the year immediately prior to the Prep year. see Enrolment Eligibility)

Our Kindergarten programme is play based and driven by the interests of individual children. We draw on C&K’s Building Waterfalls Curriculum and source learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our programme offers a choice of operating hours. Choose from either:

  • 2 days a week from 8am to 3.30pm (great for working parents), or

  • 5 days a fortnight from 8.30am to 2.30pm

Read more about our programme in the sections below!

Our Philosophy

At Carina Kindergarten we are committed to providing a warm, safe, nurturing, engaging and responsive environment where children are empowered to make decisions about their own learning.

We aim to build collaborative partnerships with families and community to enhance their feeling of belonging.
We recognise and value the experiences, knowledge, ideas and culture each family brings to the programme.

Play is the context in which children learn and actively engage with the natural environment, their peers and nurturing adults. Through spontaneous play experiences and the provision of intentional teaching strategies, staff will build on and extend children’s knowledge.

Each child is supported to develop confidence and resilience in relationships with their peers.

We will provide an engaging and stimulating physical environment.

Effective safety, health and hygiene practices are promoted and modelled at all times.

Staff and committees work closely together to ensure a professional learning community is maintained.

Learning through Play

Through play children are developing the attributes of a learner – they apply curiosity, problem-solve, consider alternatives, listen to the ideas of others, investigate and demonstrate interest and involvement in learning.

Your child will make friends and interact with others, explore and express their creativity, build a confident self identity, take increasing responsibility for their health and physical wellbeing and learn what it is to be a part of a community. They will engage with science, the arts, technology and the natural world with increasing complexity as they grow in confidence, independence and resilience.

We will immerse your child in opportunities for literacy and numeracy learning, purposefully pointing out letters, numbers and symbols in the environment, playing with sounds, introducing new words, counting, singing and playing games at every opportunity. There will be many opportunities to construct, manipulate and build as children learn about space, height, weight, number and patterns. The environment will be rich with opportunities to explore and enjoy a range of written, spoken and digital texts and the visual arts. Children will be sharing books and telling and listening to stories.

In this way children and educators together create learning in ways that are meaningful to them, and the community to live in.

Additional Needs Assistant

We are committed to providing inclusive environments and programs to meet the diverse needs of all children and their families. In our service there may be an additional needs assistant working to facilitate the inclusion of children with additional needs. The additional needs assistant works with educators and may have a variety of qualifications and experiences. Extra Support Staff may be employed for limited hours through the day to work one on one or with small groups of children.

C&K Affiliation

Carina Kindergarten is an affiliated kindergarten with C&K which means it is owned and operated by a volunteer parent management committee that has a signed agreement with C&K. The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K) is a not for profit organisation whereby profits are reinvested to ensure the best outcome is achieved to benefit children and educators at their services. C&K has offered the highest standard in early childhood education and care since its inception in 1907. C&K is our Central Governing Body (CGB) which manages and disperses funding, federal and state, to branch, affiliate and associate services.

The C&K philosophy states that: Children are our greatest asset. Society can often be judged on how children are regarded. C&K considers both children and childhood to be precious and, therefore, what is best for children is the highest priority. Offering a natural learning through play concept at all C&K services enriches the lives of children and their families to achieve the C&K vision of a childhood fulfilled. Attending a C&K kindergarten service provides opportunities for your child to learn through play, prepare them for their schooling life and make lifelong friends.

As part of Affiliation and the commitment to providing the highest quality of early childhood education and care, C&K provides each service with an early childhood adviser (ECA) and a business operations consultant (BOC). These professionals support and mentor staff to achieve high quality care, education and operation within their service. They are responsible for visiting each C&K service, providing curriculum support, advice and information and are available to discuss curriculum and learning expectations and welcome enquiries from families. In addition there is a specialist ECA that works with educators and families to support the integration of children with additional/special needs.

Each service has a Business operations consultant (BOC) who is responsible for monitoring standards, and providing operational support, advice and information and are available to discuss management and operational issues. They hold early childhood qualifications and have extensive knowledge and experience in the early childhood sector.